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Wild weather can sometimes strike leaving a trail of destruction behind it.  If you have large trees around your home, the risks are high. Ben Hastings Tree Service can respond quickly to storm damage clearing fallen trees, branches and limbs thereby mitigating potential for further or ongoing damage to the property.


Subject to the damage the tree has sustained during a storm, Ben Hastings Tree Service can provide a management plan for the tree including the following;


Repair: Torn branches are carefully removed so the tree can begin to heal itself.

Pruning: Branches are removed selectively around the storm damaged section of the tree to assist with the redistribution of weight.

Bracing: The installation of supports for cracked limbs and branches that can repair, making the tree safer.


For fast and efficient repair of storm damaged trees across the Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Newcastle, call Ben Hastings Tree Service on 0452 393 093 or complete the contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.